Best Michigan Real Money Casino Apps, Mobile Gambling in Michigan

By Martin Booth

With more than a dozen Michigan online casinos in operation, people who enjoy casino games have a fantastic selection to choose from. Most of the leading online gambling sites are licensed here - and they offer a range of outstanding MI online casino apps. However, and wherever, you like to play, you are virtually guaranteed to find an enjoyable and immersive mobile casino experience across the Great Lakes State.

Top Michigan Casino Apps and Real Money Mobile Casinos

The selection of Michigan casino apps includes offerings from the very best online casino operators in legal online casino gaming. Competition for custom among the 10 million residents of Michigan is fierce, and as a result the standards of the best casino apps in Michigan are incredibly high. Nevertheless, let's pick out some particular highlights among the operators battling for your MI online casino dollars.

FanDuel Casino MI

FanDuel Casino App: Best for all-round mobile casino experience

The FanDuel casino is available in several states, and the brand also provides an outstanding sports betting service to enthusiasts across the land. What marks out the FanDuel casino app, however, is that it delivers excellence in all the areas that matter to people who like to play online casino games.

Its choice of games is extensive, with a focus on quality as well as quantity. The FanDuel casino deposit bonus to welcome new players is highly competitive, and there are numerous ongoing FanDuel Michigan online casino bonuses to enjoy.

All of these benefits can be savored through a user interface that is second to none. The FanDuel casino is rightly reputed for the exceptionally high standard of the experience of playing online casino games, and this completes a sumptuous package for MI real money casino apps users.

BetMGM Casino MI

BetMGM Casino App: Best for deposit bonus

Every leading Michigan casino mobile app will endeavor to get your time as a customer off to a flying start. There are several different types of deposit bonus available to boost your spending power - but the BetMGM casino goes the extra mile to stand out from the crowd.

BetMGM Michigan online casino is a leading player in the market, helped in part by its ownership of one of the flagship properties in the state, the MGM Grand Detroit. It offers a great choice of games, bonuses and rewards.

That all starts with an amazing double offer. The no-deposit bonus, in return for signing up, is one of the best on the market anywhere at $70. That is followed by an eye-catching and extremely tempting match deposit bonus of up to $1,500.

Caesars Casino MI

Caesars Casino App: Best for online casino bonuses

Like BetMGM, the Caesars Michigan online casino presence is boosted by its parent company's long and famous history in the world of live casinos. The Caesars casino leverages that heritage shrewdly and effectively with an outstanding all-round package of online slots, table games and live dealer games.

Where the Caesars casino scores really highly is with the creativity and regularity of its Michigan online casino bonuses. That starts with one of the most attractive deposit bonuses in the state, a match of up to $2,000 on your initial investment.

The trend continues with regular tournaments, boosts, the chance to win collectible merchandise, and one of the best rewards programs around. The focus is on fun, variety and outstanding ongoing value.

Golden Nugget Casino MI

Golden Nugget Casino App: Best for game selection

The Golden Nugget Michigan casino app is a rare and precious find. This old-school, traditional casino brand can be found online in very few states.

But the selection of games at the Golden Nugget online casino is both broad and deep. Your choice starts with almost 500 slot games, and the Golden Nugget online casino app makes it easy to navigate your way to favorites such as Slingo, Megaways and - for the traditionalist - three-reel steppers.

You'll also find a terrific range of table games, as well as live dealer games, and it's worth noting that you'll be able to play many games in demo mode to see whether or not they suit your style and taste.

DraftKings Casino App: Best for table games

Many visitors to Michigan online casinos find themselves drawn towards table games rather than slot games. The DraftKings Michigan casino caters superbly for this taste by offering a stunning selection of table games on its online casino app.

You name your favorite table game - maybe online roulette, baccarat, online craps, Sic bo or online blackjack - and you will find it in the lengthy list of titles available to DraftKings casino visitors.

The DraftKings online casino app also features many exclusive versions of these table games that you can play at the DraftKings casino and nowhere else

Choosing The Best Michigan Casino Apps

The number of online casinos in Michigan, and the quality of the online casino gambling providers that deliver them, ensures that selecting the right one for you is a fiendishly difficult task. How can you choose between such an outstanding range of Michigan mobile casino apps?

It helps if you know what you are looking for, and there are various factors by which each online casino can be assessed, both in its own right and against its competition.

Casino Software and Usability

It's essential that you have a top-notch experience with online Michigan casino apps. Even the best deposit bonuses and game selection cannot outweigh a sticky, glitchy user interface. Check out the software providers and game developers that each provider uses to ensure the casino games you choose are a pleasure to play.

Casino Games Variety

We don't all want to play the same MI online casino games - so the best Michigan online casinos offer a wide variety of activities. If you enjoy online slots, there are operators with several hundred options. If you gravitate towards table games or casino poker, however, you should find an online casino with plenty of choice.

Welcome Offers

There are various ways in which the best online casinos provide welcome bonuses, and the verdict on which appeals most will be a matter of personal choice. You may value risk-free spins more highly than a deposit bonus, or maybe a no-deposit bonus is exactly what you are looking for. Every leading MI mobile casino app should offer you an excellent welcome bonus.

Casino Bonuses

Once you have made the most of your welcome bonus, you should find plenty of ongoing offers and promos to add fun and value to your Michigan online casino experience. Look out for free spins, good rewards programs or the chance to enter free tournaments with big prizes at stake - you should find plenty of options with online Michigan casinos.

Banking and Payment Options

Every online casino in Michigan wants to make it as easy as possible for customers to play there - and one way to assist them is to provide a range of payment methods. Check out the options available for making a deposit. And be sure to examine the withdrawal methods available too so that you can take away the proceeds of any big win.

Payout Speeds

The speed with which you get your money back from top Michigan online casinos will depend on the operator - and on the banking method you choose. There should be ways to have your cash in your account within 24 hours, but other options that take a little longer should be available to you too.

Security and Safety

Nobody wants to play real money casino games at any MI online gambling sites without enjoying complete peace of mind. The best Michigan casino apps use extensive security protocols to protect players, including end-to-end encryption of all transactions. Check too that the real money games are tested regularly for fairness.


You should sign up only with operators licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board to offer real money casino games in Michigan. This gives you the reassurance that you are playing online casino games provided by a reputable and trustworthy operator. Look for licensing information - and the name of the Michigan Gaming Control Board - on your online casino app.


Companies who provide legal online Michigan casino apps are regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. This means they are committed to treat you fairly, both in the way their games are operated and in all financial transactions. Using a regulated Michigan online casino app is the best way to enjoy peace of mind while you play online casino games in Michigan.

Michigan Casino Apps Vs. Mobile Casinos

You don't actually have to download online casino apps to be able to play the best Michigan online casino games. It is also possible to access online Michigan casinos through a web browser on your mobile device.

Many operators, aware that we live in a mobile-first age, take care to ensure that their online casino sites are compatible with devices. So what are the differences between the two alternatives?

If you opt for a Michigan casino apps download, you will need storage space on your device. Some of the games you can play on the operator's website may not be available on its mobile casino app.

However, although it may take longer to download the app first time, your access on each occasion thereafter will be quicker than through a web browser. Navigation around the app may also be easier - and you should get push notifications and reminders from your chosen online casino, which you won't receive if you don't download its app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MI Online Gambling Apps

Let's look in more detail at the pros and cons of using an online casino app in Michigan. We'll also examine the reasons why you might choose to use a web browser on your device instead.

Advantages of Online MI Casino Apps

Here are some arguments in favor of a Michigan casino app download.

  • Fast Connection: As soon as you download any of the available Michigan online casino apps, you make it easier to get started on every subsequent visit. You could be enjoying your favorite online slots while your buddies are still signing in.
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices: All Michigan casino apps are by definition, designed specifically for use on your mobile device. Its functionality and navigation should work perfectly in the palm of your hand.
  • Special Mobile Casino Only Offers: Some of the operators responsible for the best casino apps in Michigan want to encourage mobile play by making certain offers app-only. It is worth knowing if your favorite type of bonus will not appear on the company's website.
  • Ability to Play Anywhere: The main advantage of online casino apps can be summed up in one word: Convenience. Whether you are at work, at home or somewhere in between, you can access your favorite casino games quickly and easily with an online casino app.

Disadvantages of Michigan Casino Apps & Mobile Games

Despite all the advantages of Michigan online casino apps, there are some reasons why you may not feel they are the right solution for you.

  • Newer Phones Work Best: Many people cling on loyally to their mobile device even when technology has taken several steps forward. It can make it impossible to download new Michigan casino apps if your operating system is simply too old.
  • You’ll Need Storage Space: Whenever you carry out a Michigan casino app download, you take up more space on your mobile device. That can affect the amount of storage space available for other apps, and slow your device down.
  • Less Screen Space Available: One area in which mobile devices will always have to give best to desktops is the sheer size of the real estate available. If you value being immersed the casino games you like to play, the smaller screen could be a disadvantage for you.

Playing Casino Games On Real Money Michigan Mobile Casino Apps

Whichever online casino in Michigan you choose to patronize, you should find a rich variety of games to play. Your choice of destination will ultimately be personal - but it would be a surprise to find any MI online casino apps that did not offer all of the following.

  • Online slots

    At virtually all free Michigan casino apps, the overwhelming majority of games will be online slots. Some operators have several hundred slot games to choose from; these may include progressive jackpots. The quality of the online gambling experience at the best casino apps in Michigan seems to rise with each year that passes, as developers create ever more visually appealing games.

  • Poker

    Online poker is virtually an industry in itself, and it is possible to find destinations - such as the Stars online casino - with a heavy focus on video poker games and live dealer games. There are numerous video poker titles to choose from, helped by the fact that there are several varieties of the game that people enjoy playing. As well as video poker titles, many casino poker offerings include live dealer games of old favorites such as Texas Hold'Em.

  • Roulette

    Just as every live casino is pretty much guaranteed to feature several roulette tables, so most Michigan online casino sites and apps will give you the opportunity to play online roulette. You can choose between American and European versions of the game, as well as lightning roulette. In addition to video roulette games, many legal Michigan online casinos feature live dealer games too.

  • Blackjack

    Blackjack, so simple and yet with so many nuances and permutations, is the most popular table game with visitors to any live casino. As a result, leading Michigan online casinos carry numerous versions of the game for you to enjoy. Live dealer blackjack also features strongly among any suite of live dealer games.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat may be less popular than other table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack, but it still commands a dedicated following among casino devotees. As a result, you'll usually find a video version or two of this historic pastime, along with table games and live dealer games at Michigan online casinos with the most comprehensive offerings.

  • Live dealer games

    For all the convenience of playing on MI online casino apps, sometimes you want a taste of the atmosphere of a live casino. One of the best ways to do this is to enjoy live dealer games. The best Michigan online casinos offer a host of live dealer games, including live dealer blackjack, casino poker titles, roulette and baccarat.

Social Casino Apps Versus Real Money Michigan Online Casino Apps

As well as offering a wide choice of top-quality real money online casinos, Michigan also permits the use of social casinos. These are online casinos where you can enjoy online slots and other games without having to stake money. You play purely for fun, and tokens.

However, there is a loophole. Social casinos are also known as sweepstakes casinos; in some cases, you can exchange your tokens for entry into sweepstake games where there is real money to be won.

Different Types of Casino App Bonuses

There are two principal reasons why online casinos in Michigan offer bonuses to their customers. One is to add excitement and interest to the experience of visiting Michigan online gambling sites. The other is to attract new players - and retain their loyalty by offering extra value on an ongoing basis.

When you first visit an online casino where you are considering registering as a customer, you should be offered a generous welcome bonus to seal the deal. Once you have signed up, there should be regular promos and offers to keep your interest bubbling.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular types of welcome bonuses involve delivering a significant boost to your initial deposit. Many deposit bonuses are matches, by which the online casino in question doubles the amount you put in your account. The Caesars casino, the BetMGM casino and the Golden Nugget online casino are among the Michigan online casinos that try to lure you through their virtual doors with such an offer.

No Deposit Bonus

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus represents a risk for an online casino, because it is effectively giving away money without any investment from a player. On the other hand, a no-deposit bonus is great news for players for the very same reason. You can play online casino games without having to ante up a nickel - all you need to do is sign up. Usually, a no-deposit bonus is $10 or $20 - which makes the $70 on offer at the BetMGM casino a real eye-catcher.


Risk-Free Play

This is a completely different style of promotional offer than the usual deposit bonus. What it means is that you can play effectively for free for a certain amount of time at a Michigan online casino - usually the first 24 hours after your account opens. Your losses up to a certain amount, often as much as $1,000, will be returned to you as site credit. This is an excellent offer if you want to try out several free online casino games without losing money while you work out how they play.

Free Spins

The best casino apps in Michigan should offer frequent opportunities to enjoy free spins on certain online slots. This is a chance for you to make a few dollars from the free spins - however, it also gives the online casinos in question the chance to expose you to a new casino game that you might discover you really like. Keep an eye out for free spins, which add an occasional boost to your online gambling experience.

Refer Friend

Refer a Friend

Given the efforts all online casinos in Michigan make to attract new customers, it should come as no surprise that you get a reward if you help them to get new people on board. Most online casinos, like sports betting operators, offer a bonus in return for you introducing a friend to the joys of playing there. Once your friend signs up for an account and places their first wager, you and they should be credited with a online casino bonus that may be $50 or $100.

How to Download a Michigan Casino App That Bettors Can Trust

Once you have decided to download an app produced by one of the many Michigan online casino sites, the process is fairly simple.

  • Visit the Apple Store if you have an iPhone
  • If you are an Android owner, you need to go to the Google Play Store
  • In each instance, use the search facility for the mobile casino app you want to use
  • Once you have found the app, download it to your device
  • You can sign up for an account through the app
  • You can also sign in if you already have an online casino account with the operator in question

Michigan Mobile Casino Apps that Pay Real Money

With more than a dozen legal online casino apps in Michigan, there is plenty of choice for the discerning, experienced player - and for casual bettors too. Here is a sample of the leading operators who provide some of the best casino apps in Michigan, and the welcome bonuses you can look forward to if you open an account there.

Casino Bonus Download Now Promo Code
⭐️BetMGM Casino$50 no-deposit bonus + deposit match up to £1,500 + $20 sports bet Download Now GLS1500
⭐️ FanDuel Casino $1,000 Play it again up to 24 Hours + $100 in Site credits Download Now
⭐️ Caesars Casino 200% Deposit Match up to $100 + $10 on Registration Download Now GLSC10
⭐️ DraftKings Casino 100% Welcome Bonus up to $2,000 plus $50 in Site Credits Download Now
⭐️ Golden Nugget Casino 100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 Download Now

Adding Mobile Browser Shortcut to Your Phone Screen

If, having weighed up the pros and cons of downloading one or more Michigan online casino apps, you decide not to, you can still access online casino gaming quickly and easily.

One hack that can make the process of visiting your chosen online casino simpler is to create a shortcut on your mobile web browser that will take you straight to the operator in question every time you want to play a casino game.

The following steps can ensure you have a much swifter journey to your favorite online casino gaming destination every time you pick up your mobile device.

  • First, go to the home page of the Michigan online casino website you want to use
  • On an iPhone, look for the box with an arrow through it at the foot of the page
  • On an Android, go to the top of the screen and find the three dots there
  • Now click there - and you will see you can "Add to Home Screen"
  • When you select this option, a box appears
  • This is where you write in the name of the shortcut so you can find it next time
  • Hit the "Add" button to confirm your choice
  • Next time you open the screen where the shortcut sits, you can click on it to access your favorite mobile casino


Compatible Devices for Online Casino Apps

Most of the mobile devices in the world are now supplied by either Apple or Google. As a result, you can be virtually certain that you will be able to find MI online casino apps that enable you to play through your device. Apps for iPhones and related devices are supplied by the Apple Store, while Android owners should head to the Google Play Store. To be clear, the most common devices where you can access online casinos are:

  • iPhones (Apple)
  • Tablets and iPads (Apple)
  • Androids (Google)
  • ChromeBooks, other Laptops 

Start Online Gambling With The Best Michigan Mobile Casino App

The Michigan online casino industry offers a host of opportunities to play your favorite casino games at one or more of a host of excellent online casinos.

Since the Lawful Internet Gaming Act of 2019 made online casinos legal here, more than a dozen Michigan casinos have launched a digital offering. The result is that new Michigan online casino players have a magnificent selection of online casinos in Michigan.

If you want to play through your mobile device, the choice of Michigan mobile casino apps is as broad and deep as you will find in any other state with legal online casinos. You should be able to find the right slots, table games and live dealer games for you - all with a range of tempting bonuses and a high standard of user experience.

Michigan Casino App FAQs


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